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Requesting Compensation - [NEED TO KNOW INFO]

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Last updated 8-17-2019


It's never funny to lose anything and that's why we're offering compensation requests for some of the losses that you couldn't have prevented at all. Before you proceed with reading this thread then please ask yourself, does this loss mean anything big to me? If not, then please save the Staff some time by not posting the compensation request.

Here is a list of valid compensation reasons:

  • Victim of another player breaking rules after report has been submitted and accepted (Player report needs to be accepted first before you can get compensated for this).

  • Victim of a script kiddie attack on the server (Someone kills the whole server).

  • Server shutting down unannounced (DDoS attacks or just server crashing in general).

  • General server issues (Server lagging causing you a loss, server script not working properly as in all player shops broken in-game or something related).

  • If an Admin has given you approval to post the compensation request in special occasions (Might be an invalid reason, but Admin still gave you approval to post either way, just make sure they vouch for you on your post).

  • ArmA III glitches (Random events like helicopter blowing up out of nowhere or dying while walking up a staircase).

Here is a list of invalid compensation reasons:

  • Victim of another player breaking rules without submitting and getting a report accepted first. (No compensation unless they've been reported and the report has been accepted).

  • If you're aware of a risk and still take it (Break into the bank with just enough cops on and one of them logs out, that's the risk you take when you do the bank with low amount of cops on).

  • Client side issues (If your game crashes or something goes wrong on your end).

  • Desync.

  • If you have total funds over 2 million, then we won't accept any compensation requests that are lower than 100K from you.

  • Kicked for fair reasons (If you get kicked for too high ping or trolling).

  • Anything related to the housing system (We don't want to take responsibility for the current house system, so you use that at your own risk).

  • Loss of vehicles (They can only disappear if you sell them, someone chop shops them or if the police/NATO crushes them + Helicopters will disappear if you crash them now).

  • Loss of license (It's up to yourself to sync your game after you buy anything).

  • General loss of items due to you not syncing your game properly or buy gear a few minutes before restart (Remember to sync as often as possible and buy gear with plenty of time before restart).

  • Common knowledge is expected (Experimenting with the game mechanics in general that results in a loss).

  • If you get incapacitated for fair reasons and are to be executed by a random guy, you died in the first place. Your fault.

  • Subject of a loss due to a scheduled restart (It's your own job to keep track of the restart schedules, they can all be found here).

  • Subject of a loss due to not being aware of the restart policy (Read the policy here).

  • Any kind of towing rope breaking incidents (They are fragile and do break, so either you fly slowly or don't use them, we don't compensate for it either way).

  • We don't compensate for something you potentially could have gained, we only compensate for an actual loss (If you have a player restrained and the server crashes then we won't compensate for the potential gear you could have gotten off him).

If your issue isn't listed above then feel free to contact any Staff member and ask them. There is a very simple guideline for most of them, just ask yourself "Was this loss cause by one of my own actions?", then the answer will be quite simple.

Time frame

Compensation requests will not be reviewed if the incident happened more than a week ago. The only exception for this rule is compensation gotten of a player report. Compensation requests gotten of player reports will not be reviewed if the player report has been resolved for over a week. 


As this is a life community, there is  always something going on, so don't expect your compensation requests to be dealt with instantly. It may take a few days before your compensation request will be reviewed and accepted/denied. Please respect that we do our very best as fast as possible, so please don't spam any Staff about doing your request or bump the thread itself.

Admins & the final say

Please respect that the admins have the final say in the case and you have to accept whatever result they come up with. Failing to accept the admins final say and bothering him with it can result in a ban. We're here to help everyone and do our best, but we're not your servants.


The only way that we can be sure that your claims are true is by you providing us the needed evidence to support your case. Evidence is a must and we will have to deny all compensation requests with no sufficient evidence provided. Special cases full evidence won't be needed (You will only need a picture of your inventory or something like that in these cases).


We have recently started using a new form system which will force people to use the proper template format, this makes it easier for the Staff to handle, when everything is posted the way it's supposed to be.


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