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  2. Hey guys, I'm using a 32gb class 10 sandisk micro sd with a regular size sd adapter which contains my iso's. I have an issue, particularly I've noticed with only mario stikers (mario football) so far and rogue squadron ii when playing the game at random spots there will be an audio hiccup and then the game will freeze/crash with the image still on the screen but with a loud buzzing noise until you turn the console off.I'm just wondering could this be a bad iso dump or should I get a new sd card or has anyone else experienced the same issue? Any advice is appreciated I didn't find the right solution from the Internet References: 3d medical video animation Thanks
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    Good to see the community is back.
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    Welcome to GeckoGaming! Where roleplay is extremely well played, Gecko would like to invite you all to join us in the new game called Flashing Lights. Hope to see much of you old members as well as new ones.
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